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Our Dance It Out classes provide an energizing way to find your rhythm as an adult, feel more confident in your body, and also get a great workout in! All skill levels are welcome. If you’re bored of your daily routine or looking to pick up a new hobby that will improve your health and fitness, melt away the stresses of life, and empower your inner Queen, give these dance classes a try! Our Dance It Out classes include Chair Dance, Floor and Flow, and Pole Classes. We recommend trying any new format 3-5 times to begin feeling more comfortable!

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Chair Dance – You’ve seen how great your favorite pop star looks workin’ those dance moves…now you can learn too! Chair Dance is a choreography-based class involving fierce dance moves on and around a chair. These fun routines will have you feeling confident in no time while also improving your core strength and coordination—not to mention, it’s a great cardio workout. If you wish, bring a pair of comfortable heels to dance in. No dance experience needed!
*Knee pads and pants recommended.

Floor and Flow 1 – Didn’t think rolling around on the floor could be fun and sexy? Think again! Floor and Flow 1 is a beginner friendly choreography-based dance class that incorporates slinky dance moves, simple floorwork, and sassy hair flips! We’ll be sure to beak down and cover all the basics so you feel confident in your dance—you can use these floor moves in your pole routine, or just embrace the floor!
*Knee pads, legwarmers/pants, and socks or pole heels recommended. Available for purchase in studio.
Floor and Flow 2 – Feeling confident in Floor and Flow 1 and looking to spice up your floor dance? Floor and Flow 2 incorporates crazier twirly legs and more acrobatic floor tricks while focusing on the dynamic elements of floor dance. These floorwork routines sneakily include a great cardio and strength workout!*
*Knee pads, legwarmers/pants, and socks or pole heels recommended. Available for purchase in studio.
**It is suggested that students are comfortable attempting choreography and floor tricks at a quicker pace and are familiar with forward/backward rolls, 180 spin, and hip holds before attending Floor and Flow 2.

Pole Classes

Our pole curriculum begins with Intro to Pole, a class that requires no experience and must be taken at least once before attending Pole Level 1. Our levels run on an eight-week cycle in which students will learn all-inclusive routines with tricks, spins, floor work, and dance, and at the end of each cycle, we host a graduation where students have the opportunity to perform in front of friends and other students to move into the next level, but no rush—on average, students repeat a level for two to five cycles before graduating! Scroll down to view our pole level descriptions.


We know that taking your first couple pole classes can feel awkward or challenging for many, but we highly suggest taking 3-5 classes to begin feeling more comfortable with the pole! Our progressive pole program allows beginners to build strength and confidence as they move through each level, and the benefits of taking pole are very individualized and unique for each student! Some students may favor the challenging fitness aspect of pole while other students may more so enjoy the artistic dance side. Check out these fantastic benefits of pole:


New to pole classes? No experience is required to take this class! Students will learn the fundamentals of getting comfortable with the pole, from walking around the pole to trying basic spins and floorwork. This class is mandatory for all pole beginners and can be taken as many times as needed to feel comfortable (we recommend at least 1-3 times). After your first Intro class, you can begin taking Pole Level 1!


In Pole Level 1, students will learn beginner spins paired with fun, sexy dance moves and transitions. As students master climbing the pole, they will also build the strength and techniques needed to advance to Pole Level 2. Once you’ve finished your first routine, you will be ready for the next challenge!

*The routines taught in class provide a basis for students to work off of; however, for pole graduation, creativity is encouraged, and students should feel free to make the routine their own by choosing a song that inspires them and by adding individual elements!


Time to step it up—upside down, that is! As students continue to learn additional spins and transitions, they will also begin working on right side up pole tricks that strengthen the core and upper body along with their grand move being the basic invert (going upside down)! Prepare yourself for a stamina-building routine in preparation for Pole Level 3.

*The routines taught in class provide a basis for students to work off of; however, for pole graduation, creativity is encouraged, and students should feel free to make the routine their own by choosing a song that inspires them and by adding individual elements!


For new Pole Level 3 students, Foundations is a great class to drill the fundamental moves that are essential to becoming a stronger pole dancer! These moves include controlled inverts, shoulder mounts, and leg hangs. We encourage taking this class along with Pole Level 3 Tricks and Flow to be able to build strength and endurance for putting together your own routine for graduation!


Practice, practice, practice! Having mastered the basic invert and spins, students begin to learn upside down tricks and other power moves in Pole Level 3 Tricks. This class allows students to focus on perfecting tricks and learning how to put them into a combo while receiving an intense strength-building workout. Don’t forget to write down what you learn so you can easily use a combo to create your own routine!


In Pole Level 3 Flow, the goal is to smooth out pole tricks and make them flow seamlessly from one to another. Students will incorporate their newly acquired tricks and spins into a flow with combos, transitions, and floorwork that focus on gracefully sequencing consecutive movements. After practicing different sequences and routines, students can begin to creatively piece together their own routine as they experiment with their unique pole style!


Pole Level 4 Tricks will build upon previously-established strength and flexibility to learn even higher-level tricks, transitions, and spins. By now, you are ready to kick it up a notch! Some of our key moves will include the jade split, caterpillar climb, brass monkey, cupid, elbow grips and armpit holds. We will also begin introducing the basic pole handspring. Be prepared to master a variety of ways to enter and exit these tricks!


Accomplishing new tricks is one thing, but being able to perform a combination of tricks effortlessly floating around the pole is a different story! In Pole Level 4 Flow, students will combine all of their tricks and movements and work to transform them into beautiful, flowing dances. Students are encouraged to explore their inner creativity by incorporating various forms of dance, transitions, and floorwork into their routines.


You’ve made it this far, and it’s time to start exploring how challenging pole can really be. Muscling into a variety of handspring grips or tumbling from one trick to the next—whatever you can imagine, it can be done (with a lot of practice and conditioning)! This level will invite students to creatively twist themselves around the pole in new ways and to flip from one move to the next. Get ready for the never-ending challenges of pole!

Ready to begin your pole journey?

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