New Client Intro Program

To get started, new clients begin with our 4-Week Intro Program, which is an all-inclusive dance fitness experience that teaches the essential elements of our pole curriculum and class programs. 

By becoming familiar with the basics of pole, focusing on specific techniques, and increasing body awareness, you’ll be able to progress your skills safely and successfully to reach your goals—whether it be living a more active lifestyle or becoming more coordinated and confident in your body!

This program is perfect for you if you’re…
..looking for an outlet to escape from the daily stresses of life
..wanting a fun way to stay active and to get stronger and more flexible
..curious about how you can benefit from taking pole classes

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Intro Program Details

  • Includes 1 weekly Pole Basics Workshop that meets on the same day and time for 4 consecutive weeks


    • Week 1: Intro to Queen Life – We know the first class can feel awkward or intimidating, but we got you! We’ll teach you techniques from pole walks to body rolls while consistently encouraging you to find your own flow and to work with where your body is today (not 10 years ago or when you could bust a split) 😌
    • Week 2: Stronger with Every Spin – We’ll continue to add to your skills with a variety of spins, tricks, transitions, and floorwork while learning how to bring awareness 🔎 to the patterns of your movement, which can then help guide individual progress!
    • Week 3: Concealed Cardio – Building off of each move, we’ll show you how to string them together for a fun routine that builds both your strength and endurance! You’ll have time to practice truly embodying the moves to find your flow versus just “roboting” through 🤖
    • Week 4: Pole Graduate – We’ll work on gracefully smoothing out our routine and adding your own individual flares! Once your brain has an idea of the movements, the key is to let go and to move from your BODY ❤️ At the end of this workshop, students will be given the opportunity to celebrate each other’s individuality as they “graduate” in groups (optional). By now, you’ll have experienced various aspects of pole, ranging from dance to fitness, and you’ll be able to confidently begin your journey into our first pole series, Emerald!
  • Includes 2 additional classes per week
    • With a variety of classes to help you build strength, flexibility, and grace on the pole, we can help you decide which classes would be the best fit for your personal goals!
  • Registration is $189 (valued at $299) and is limited to a small group!

If you’re interested in our Intro Program, we’d love to chat with you and answer any questions you may have!  Schedule a tour with us or join our priority registration list above to be the first to know when we open registration for our next session!

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