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Our friendly staff is ready to welcome you to the Queendom! Not only are our instructors qualified through various certifications and trainings, they also have a genuine passion and love for what they do. Each member of the Queen Team believes that building connections with students and understanding individual goals will help every student leave feeling accomplished and motivated.




Beginning from a young age, Brittany was very involved in dance teams, and throughout college, she continued pursuing her love for dance through various dance organizations while earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Biology at University of Minnesota. Brittany was introduced to pole when she moved to Tallahassee in 2014 for graduate school and immediately fell in love! With the ability to explore many styles of dance through pole, she enjoys the fact that she can decide to do something completely different each time she performs. During the day, you can find Brittany working in a lab using ELISA kits to test food samples for allergens, but at night, join her for classes that will have you feeling stronger both inside and out!

<center>HSIANG {shy-ing}</center>

HSIANG {shy-ing}


Hsiang began her pole journey at the end of 2009 without any dance or gymnastics experience and immersed herself into the pole world as she felt it was the perfect mix of dance, fitness, and creativity (don’t worry, she finally understands the 8 count!). After successfully placing at competitions, she now focuses on instructing, performing, and endless learning. Hsiang’s style of teaching promotes empowering your inner Queen by embracing your own individual journey—she loves that the benefits of pole, dance, and fitness are very unique to each person. Her keen eye for technique, knowledge of the body, and detailed understanding of fluidity allow her to effectively break down movements and exercises for all skill levels to feel strong, confident, and inspired!



With almost five years of dance and competition experience in pole, Lyra loves to teach, perform, and travel all over the country for “train-cations.” She originally started dancing as an outlet to deal with the stress of her day job and graduate school and quickly became addicted! After gaining her certification as a flexibility instructor, she realized that she wanted to share her passion for fitness with others. Lyra’s goal is to help women gain confidence through expression of movement and love their bodies not for how they look, but what they can do; she is committed to helping her students find the path that is most enjoyable and effective for THEIR individual bodies. Students can expect to leave Desiree’s classes feeling energized, accomplished, and maybe even a little brazen!



Zaria has always preferred interactive fitness that keeps her motivated in a group setting. Having a creative outlet for stress relief provides the opportunity to learn something new, and she believes that dance fitness should foster an environment of inspiration and progression while being fun and challenging!  Zaria understands that starting or restarting a fitness journey can be intimidating, but she hopes to help our Queens feel welcomed, encouraged, and empowered each step of the way!

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