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Our friendly staff is ready to welcome you to the Queendom! Not only are our instructors qualified through various certifications and trainings, they also have a genuine passion and love for what they do. Each member of the Queen Team believes that building connections with students and understanding individual goals will help every student leave feeling accomplished and motivated.




Amy began her journey as a movement enthusiast through her love for cheerleading, which later transitioned into a love for yoga and fitness as she joined the FSU Circus as a dancer. Eventually, Amy began teaching acro yoga to the Tallahassee community, where she discovered hobbies such as calisthenics, aerial acrobatics, hula hooping, fire flow arts, and finally—pole. After earning the “Queen of Technique” award at the QHF 2019 Spring Showcase, she has become devoted to helping individuals realize their full potential through fitness, self-awareness, and empowerment. Amy’s classes will take you on an endorphin-releasing ride, leaving your worries behind while you embrace the strength and confidence to take on any challenge!




Beginning from a young age, Brittany was very involved in dance teams, and throughout college, she continued pursuing her love for dance through various dance organizations while earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Biology at University of Minnesota. Brittany was introduced to pole when she moved to Tallahassee in 2014 for graduate school and immediately fell in love! With the ability to explore many styles of dance through pole, she enjoys the fact that she can decide to do something completely different each time she performs. During the day, you can find Brittany working in a lab using ELISA kits to test food samples for allergens, but at night, join her for classes that will have you feeling stronger both inside and out!




As a dancer from the age of five, Christa has always had a passion for movement and mind-body connection. Christa is the artistic director of her own company and prioritizes teaching to each student individually as she travels the United States bringing her choreography to dancers of all ages, abilities, and walks of life. She is currently working toward her Masters of Fine Arts degree in Dance Performance and Choreography at FSU and is excited to blend her dance experience paired with her knowledge of technique into a variety of class formats at Queen of Hearts Fitness! Her high-energy and positive teaching style aids in her goal of helping students get their daily dose of “movement espresso”!




Courtney is a certified yoga instructor and aromatherapist who has a deep affection for all things related to health, fitness, and dance. Along her fitness journey, she found Queen of Hearts Fitness and fell in love with pole the first day of class. Now you can find her at the studio teaching and training in a variety of class formats as she strives to continuously learn and promote health and fitness to others. As a mother of two boys, she knows how important it is as a woman to stay confident and feel sexy. Courtney has a passion for helping others and is excited to help them become the healthiest, best version of themselves that they can be!




Elizabeth grew up dancing in Gainseville and continued her dance journey with a local ballet company while attending FSU and performing in many FSU School of Dance productions. After graduating, Elizabeth was working as speech-language pathology assistant when she discovered her love for Barre and trained to become a certified instructor. Since then, she’s completed her Master’s degree while keeping up with her passion for fitness and dance, especially for chair choreography that helps anyone, even “non-dancers,” feel sexy in their moves! Elizabeth loves that she is able to share her passion of teaching, choreography, dance, and self-love to her favorite Tallahassee studio, Queen of Hearts Fitness, and all of the amazing Queens in the community!




As a child with two sisters who danced, Harry developed an early curiosity for how dance could serve as a platform for self-expression. In college, he sought out training in various styles of dance, such as lyrical, ballroom, and hip hop, and has worked with and taught dancers across the United States. Harry is currently earning his PhD in Sociology at Florida State University with a focus on studying gender, sexuality, and health/aging, and when he is not focusing on studies, he is usually choreographing or teaching a variety of dance and pole classes at Queen of Hearts Fitness, where he strives to promote self-confidence, inclusivity, and sassy hair flips! His classes encourage you to feel like the Queen that you truly are!

<center>HSIANG {shy-ing}</center>

HSIANG {shy-ing}


Hsiang began her pole journey at the end of 2009 without any dance or gymnastics experience and immersed herself into the pole world as she felt it was the perfect mix of dance, fitness, and creativity (don’t worry, she finally understands the 8 count!). After successfully placing at competitions, she now focuses on instructing, performing, and endless learning. Hsiang’s style of teaching promotes empowering your inner Queen by embracing your own individual journey—she loves that the benefits of pole, dance, and fitness are very unique to each person. Her keen eye for technique, knowledge of the body, and detailed understanding of fluidity allow her to effectively break down movements and exercises for all skill levels to feel strong, confident, and inspired!




Kallie started pole lessons in 2013 and instantly became addicted to the way it made a workout fun and exciting while making her feel stronger and more confident at the same time. She loves sharing pole with other women and showing them that regardless of their fitness background or skill level, everyone’s body is unique and amazing! Kallie is pursuing her passion for health and wellness by studying to become a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, and when she is not studying or teaching classes, she is taking time to enjoy yoga, Pilates, and mountain biking. Leaving Kallie’s pole class will have you feeling excited and accomplished from your very first class!

<center>LYRA LORELEI</center>



With almost five years of dance and competition experience in pole, Lyra loves to teach, perform, and travel all over the country for “train-cations.” She originally started dancing as an outlet to deal with the stress of her day job and graduate school and quickly became addicted! After gaining her certification as a flexibility instructor, she realized that she wanted to share her passion for fitness with others. Lyra’s goal is to help women gain confidence through expression of movement and love their bodies not for how they look, but what they can do; she is committed to helping her students find the path that is most enjoyable and effective for THEIR individual bodies. Students can expect to leave Desiree’s classes feeling energized, accomplished, and maybe even a little brazen!




Rashida is a health and wellness enthusiast who graduated with a degree in Exercise Science from Florida State University. She began teaching group fitness with a certification in cardio kickboxing and has since expanded to other trainings in specialties such as yoga, personal training, and nutrition coaching. Rashida works full-time as a Heart Disease Program Manager, and in her free time, outside of teaching classes, she enjoys preparing for and participating in figure competitions as they allow her to practice self-discipline while obtaining a great sense of accomplishment along the way. In all her classes, Rashida will challenge and inspire her students of all levels to embrace what that their bodies can do!




Teresa discovered her love of fitness by flipping as a gymnast at the age of five. She coached gymnastics for years before taking up pole and falling in love with the weird, delightful bruises, and now she enjoys teaching pole as well as performing! Teresa’s favorite part about teaching is seeing the smiles that come with her students accomplishing a goal or mastering a new pole or chair move. In her spare time, she hangs out with her kitten, works as a public relations consultant, and teaches as an adjunct instructor at Flagler College – Tallahassee campus.  Teresa loves to teach with enthusiasm, encouragement, and humor in all of her classes at the studio!




Trent is an Arkansas native, currently studying for his Master of Fine Arts degree in Dance at Florida State University. With a passion for dance at an early age, movement has constantly been a part of his life, through performing, choreographing, and teaching. Trent’s certifications help ensure that he is sharing the most up to date workouts and knowledge with his students. When taking his classes, you can expect fun, upbeat music (always Britney), a positive and encouraging atmosphere, and enjoyable, but challenging exercises. He is beyond thrilled to further his teaching journey at Queen of Hearts Fitness and cannot wait to work it out with all the Queens!

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