The Many Amazing Benefits of Pole Dance Fitness

Whether you’re looking for a new fitness regimen, or you heard the word about pole and are curious to give it a try, you’ll be sure to benefit from pole classes in all ways, from physically to mentally to socially!

1. The physical health benefits of pole are all-encompassing as you increase your strength, improve your flexibility, boost cardio endurance, and gain coordination!

  • Increase strength – Pole is a full-body workout that will help tone the arms, define the abs, perk up the chest and sculpt the back, all while using your own bodyweight! Having a strong core also leads to better posture, which is important for longevity. No matter what age, shape, size, or skill level, people who pole often say they’re in the best shape of their lives. 
  • Improve flexibility – Wouldn’t it feel nice to move throughout the day with fewer aches and pains? Being limber isn’t always about being able to do a split! Pole helps improve flexibility and increase mobility, allowing ease of movement in day-to-day activities.  
  • Raise cardio endurance – Spin after spin, climb after climb, and trick after trick – you’ll be having too much fun to realize what a great cardio workout you are getting in! Running (not literally, thankfully) through a 3-5 minute routine a few times will have your heart racing as you improve your cardio endurance. Strength training and cardio combined allows you to burn the maximum amount of calories during class!
  • Gain coordination – Most people who first take pole feel as if they are uncoordinated, which may be true, but with continuing practice, the body becomes more aware of each muscle, limb, and movement. Turns and pivots will help improve balance, especially if you decide to wear heels! As you progress, you’ll get better each time at controlling different parts of the body gracefully and efficiently.

2. Whether it’s dealing with daily stress or coping with something deeper, the mental and emotional health benefits of pole have changed people’s lives.

  • Boosts self-confidence – It’s amazing how shy, nervous beginners transform their minds and bodies throughout their pole journey, realizing how strong and capable their bodies really are. So many things in today’s world tell us we aren’t “good enough, pretty enough, skinny enough, etc.,” but pole shows us that we are. Although we may feel a little silly or awkward in our first couple of classes, eventually, with no rush, we feel ready to come out of our shell. Pole boosts self-confidence and leaves you feeling empowered like no other sport!   
  • Relieves stress – When you step into the pole room and start your warm up, the daily stresses of life melt away as you focus on having fun and learning new moves, but if you can’t get a new move just yet, don’t sweat it! Being able to have a good laugh at ourselves actually has health benefits in itself. Dancing and working out release endorphins, which make you feel happy and enthusiastic, so do it as often as you can!

3. From lawyers to nurses to teachers and more, the pole community is supportive and accepting of people from all walks of life while each person discovers their own individuality.

  • Supportive community – It’s wonderful to be surrounded by encouraging people with a common interest. Everyone in class is there to learn and be challenged while supporting fellow classmates. When someone gets a new trick, we all cheer together; theses are friendships that will last a lifetime!
  • Embrace individuality – With a variety of pole styles, we can appreciate all aspects of the sport and art while cultivating our own unique style. Some people like to focus on the fitness aspect while others enjoy focusing on the dance aspect, which can range from ballet-inspired to slow and sensual to an entertaining rock-and-roll routine. Some people want to compete professionally, and some people just want to dance in heels and have fun; whatever your reason is, embrace your individuality!

It doesn’t take long to start seeing or feeling the many advantages that come from pole both physically and mentally. Anyone can give it a try, just remember not to give up since it takes time to develop strength and skill! Enjoy the process of learning as you challenge no one else but yourself; our teachers and students will be there every step of the way to support you through your pole journey!

Ready to empower your inner Queen? 

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