Embrace Your Individual Journey. Empower Your Inner Queen.

“I can now do things that I’ve never been able to do in my life!” -Samantha Y., 34, Biologist

“I feel wonderful after every class I take at QHF! I have a high stress job, and I am currently going back to school to get my PhD. Queens has given me a way to escape from the stress and enabled me to relax and have fun, which in return has helped improve my sleep quality—something I struggle with when I am very stressed.

“The variety of classes keeps my fitness life sustainable. I just show up to class and the instructors do the rest. Because of QHF, I can now do things that I’ve never been able to do in my life—never in a million years did I think I would be able to do a backbend, and one day in class, I did my first backbend with the help of an instructor. Although at first I could only get into a backbend every once in a blue moon, now I can backbend more frequently than not, surprisingly! Since coming to Fit & Flexy, my shoulder flexibility and strength has vastly improved to a point where previous discomfort and numbness has been eliminated. No matter how many times I go to Fit & Flexy, which I try to go four times a week when I’m in town, I always learn something new, and when I’m more aware of my body and the movements, I’m able to experience more benefits from the class.

“It can definitely feel disheartening when it seems like everyone around is you is doing all the fancy moves, but don’t give up. If I can do it, then anyone can. All the members and instructors are very genuine and friendly, and if you are struggling, no one hesitates to offer words of kindness and encouragement. I love that QHF has built a community for their members where we are able to bond and get to know one another outside of class in more social settings. It’s wonderful to make friends in such an active community.”

“My friend encouraged me to join her at Queens, and I finally decided one day to take the big, brave step that changed my life.” -Franceska Drinkovic, 31, Commercial Insurance Agent

“When I started at Queens, I was at a very low health and fitness level because I had been fighting several cancers and an awful autoimmune disorder for most of my adult life. I am now so happy to say that I have been healthy for FIVE whole years. During my first two years of health, I started running around my neighborhood with my dog, and although it did help build my cardiovascular system and leg muscles, my body was so weak that running just wasn’t enough. My friend encouraged me to join her at Queens, and I finally decided one day to take the big, brave step that changed my life.

The variety of workout classes at QHF was exactly what I needed to get stronger and balanced physically. Since all of the teachers are talented, inspiring, and helpful, I am constantly motivated go to my classes. I know I will be missed if I am not there! Even when I was new and very weak, all the instructors were extremely accepting of me. They were always ready with modifications and listening ears to help the class structure fit and benefit me. I was given a chance to grow; I wasn’t expected to be able to be a powerhouse right away, and even now, some days are better than others. All I know is I am a lot stronger now that I’ve become a Queen!

I try to attend 3-4 classes a week right after work to make sure I exercise before going home to relax and walk my dog. Routine is key. I have to make health my priority. I have been a member at Queens almost three years, and I have loved every class. I feel fantastic when I walk out—my life has been transformed. I have a ton of energy now to enjoy my newly found health, and I’m free to live my life. I am really happy with the development of my core strength; I can squat forever; I can plank reasonably well; my hip flexors have come a long way; my overall flexibility has improved dramatically; and I can Work It Out for an hour and still feel like I could fly.

“My friend joined recently and has been pushing me to go even more to the hard classes, and I am so thankful to her. The Queens community warmly welcomes every level of ability. I love how QHF hosts social events like the Showcases, Beach Day, and Halloween Party and has a community that supports each other. We are all here to get stronger, healthier, and have fun. At Queens, it isn’t about trying to be perfect; it’s about feeling good and taking control of your own body and health. I am looking forward to my future at Queens!”

“Everything about the activities at Queen of Hearts Fitness was way out of my comfort zone, but I am glad that I joined!” -Lisa M., 49

“I have never enjoyed sports of any kind, nor have I been involved in any type of athletic activity. The last time I actively and consistently worked out was twenty-one years ago. So, joining QHF was a HUGE step for me. Everything about the activities at QHF was way out of my comfort zone, but I am glad that I joined! I have learned so much about myself through my journey and only wish I’d found Queens sooner.

I often feel out of my element considering I am 48 and so ‘out of shape,’ but everyone at Queens makes me feel like anything is possible and that I can achieve everything I set my mind to. I love that the instructors are so compassionate and patient and accept my quirky sense of humor when I am uncomfortable with a move and work with me to achieve success. My favorite classes are Pole, Floor & Flow, and Chair. They all challenge me physically and bring me out of my “I’m a chicken” zone and into my “I’m sexy” zone, and I am glad for the kind nudges the instructors and fellow Queens give me. I always look forward to coming to Queen of Hearts Fitness and developing my skills!”

“Everyone here is so empowering and makes me feel like I am strong, and I am enough.” -Erica Wells, 32, Clinical Psychologist

“Coming to QHF is a wonderful release for me, physically, emotionally, and mentally—it’s my favorite form of therapy! I want to be fit, but fitness isn’t all I need. QHF helps enrich other aspects of my life, too. The studio has a great social environment that provides a true sense of belonging; it’s something that I just don’t get from going to the gym by myself. I love the energy from the instructors, the other students, and the community learning environment, and the fact that it doesn’t matter your skill level; everyone here is so empowering and makes me feel like I am strong, and I am enough.

I started with only the group fitness classes, but the pure positivity and support helped me feel comfortable enough to branch out and try pole! Now I am hooked. I even felt empowered and encouraged enough to perform at a pole showcase, which was an incredible experience. I came to QHF with a history of dance, gymnastics and cheerleading, and now as an adult, I got a chance to re-discover my strength, flexibility and other muscle memory skills that I didn’t know my body remembered. It’s so wonderful to have a hobby during which you mindfully focus on what you are doing, like taking a class or trying out a new pole trick. Everything else, all other stresses of the day, just melt away.”

“I’ve been very focused on the mind muscle connection in Fit & Flexy and FINALLY got my split!” -Chelsey H., 28, Realtor

“I’ve been at Queens for almost five years, and I remember when I first started pole, I doubted that I would even make it to Pole Level 2! Now I’m in Pole Level 4 (thanks to all of the encouraging and helpful instructors!), but I’ve always liked to remind myself and others that every pro was once an amateur. Besides pole, I really enjoy Werk & Twerk, Floor and Flow, and Fit & Flexy classes.

“The first split photo was from August 2018. Then I was I hovering the ground by only a few inches for what felt like eternity. The past three months, I’ve been very focused on the mind muscle connection in Fit & Flexy and FINALLY got my split (April 2019)! I always heard Fit & Flexy called an “active stretching” class but never gave it much thought until recently. “Active stretching” is so different than what we are typically taught for stretching. I used to take stretching classes and just lay in the pose and let my mind wander. Now I take Fit & Flexy three times a week and really listen to the instructor and try to engage the right muscle rather than over compensating with the wrong muscle, and I’m so happy that I’ve been able to feel the difference and see the progress! Ready to get my middle split going :D”

“I don’t really like working out by myself, so as an adult, group fitness and dance classes really help me stay engaged in my health and fitness.” -Jasmin G., Marine Biologist

“One of the first things I did when I moved to Tallahassee was find a pole studio because pole is so addicting, and I needed it in my life. I found QHF, tried out the classes, and fell in love. I even tried and loved the group fitness classes (Work It Out), which I wasn’t originally interested in at all. I also love the community at QHF and the fact that the studio brings us all together. Even though I’ve been active my whole life (I did gymnastics as a child and continued on to play basketball and become a runner), I still feel like these classes are helping me push myself and learn new things about myself. I don’t really like working out by myself, so as an adult, group fitness and dance classes really help me stay engaged in my health and fitness.

“Pole fitness at QHF is especially great to me because of how it’s broken down into different elements. There are pole conditioning classes, pole dance choreography flow classes, and of course pole tricks classes offered. I love flow, but I need extra help with floorwork, so I love how there is a class dedicated to just that. After a class Queens, I always feel like I got a solid workout in. I also feel like each class accomplishes what it says it would—in Fit & Flexy I always leave feeling more flexible, and in Yoga I always leave feeling relaxed and happy. I feel a lot more confident and stronger, and I love what I see when I look in the mirror now. You don’t have to be the best here; you just have to do your best!”

“I have never in my life been so drawn to a fitness regimen, or a fitness center.” -Natasha H., 43, Owner of Sassafras Soapery and VP of Programs at Tallahassee Museum

“Being a Queen at this studio has greatly impacted my life. I became divorced on January 31, 2018. Prior to that I was not fulfilling myself. Though that event threw a wrench in what I thought was my life’s plan, it opened a door to me being me again. I found out about QHF through Tallahassee Top Singles and thought, “I want to give that a try.” I have never in my life been so drawn to a fitness regimen, or a fitness center. Before my divorce, I was of the mind that I had no time for me. Turns out, when the ex left, and left me with all ten animals, I made time for me!

“I have restructured my days to ensure that at 4am I am up, animals are fed, Museum emails are addressed, my soap business is tended to, and the dogs are walked at least a mile. This allows me to get to the Museum in time to leave by 4pm on days when classes are at 5:30, as I still need to run home, feed everyone, and let out the dogs.

“My favorite class is Fit & Flexy. I was diagnosed with early onset osteoarthritis seven years ago. I’ve had hip surgery, knee surgery, and all my joints can tell you when it’s going to rain. There are many days I feel 90 years old. The stretches we do in Fit & Flexy are of the caliber that make a huge difference to people like me. They are professional, but also intuitive which I think sometimes is overlooked in the medical arena of stretching. I also appreciate that these movements work in tandem to help my progress on the pole. I’ve always been motivated by goals and love to set them for myself, and QHF inspires me daily to set new goals and maintain the discipline to achieve them. “

“I stopped caring so much about my weight and focused on having fun, and I’ve actually lost a few pounds and become stronger.” -Dee, 27

“Before QHF, I wasn’t obsessed with exercising, but now I’m at the studio multiple times a week just because it’s so addicting. I’m hooked!

“Being a Queen has changed me physically and mentally. Before I started at QHF, my workout routines felt like a chore, and it started to negatively affect me. My thoughts were always, “Oh I have to run one mile because if I don’t, I won’t meet weight goal by the end of the month.” Now I’m enjoying my workouts, making new friends, and being surrounded by positive people. I stopped caring so much about my weight and focused on having fun, and I’ve actually lost a few pounds and become stronger. It’s also a place where I can relax, be myself, and not be afraid to show my quirkiness.

I like that the community here at QHF is very welcoming; even when I was brand new to the studio I felt comfortable. Something else I love about Queens is how encouraging all of the instructors are. They are all working to help you gain confidence in yourself.

I started coming to QHF because I wanted to try pole fitness, and it has been my favorite class since. I was told by concerned loved ones that I wouldn’t have the arm strength or other skills needed to do pole, but I’m glad I tried it anyway! Intro to Pole was very beginner friendly, and it did not require any previous skills—a couple years later, I am now in Pole Level 3! I get adrenaline from spinning, going upside down, and doing a variety of tricks. Pole constantly challenges me to do better and to keep working out. Now I can’t stop!”

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