Advanced Class Registration Policy
As class sizes are limited, online reservations are required for all classes. Class sign up opens 7 days out.

Late Entry Policy
Please DO NOT BE LATE to class as it is disruptive and poses a safety concern. Doors will be unlocked around 10 minutes before class starts; doors will be locked once class has started. Students who are late to class will forfeit their spot to anyone waitlisted and will not be reimbursed for class credit. If a student comes in after class has started, it is their responsibility to check in with the instructor at the end of class to avoid any potential no show fees. We suggest arriving 10 minutes early to be in proper attire and ready to begin class at the scheduled time. 

Sign In Policy
It is the student’s responsibility to check in with the instructor upon arrival (or at the end of class if they entered after class has begun), or they may risk having the charge of a no show fee. Bystanders are not allowed to sit in on a class for the safety and comfort of participants.

Late Cancel/No Show Policy
In-studio classes have a 6 hour late cancel window. Hybrid classes have a 1 hour late cancel window. All missed or late canceled class reservations will result in loss of class credit and will not be reimbursed. Members are responsible for a $15 late cancel fee/$20 no show fee for each class missed. To avoid these penalties, please early cancel your class before the late cancellation window. Although live stream classes do not have a late cancel/no show fee, the late cancel window is 1 hour before class starting time; please cancel if you are unable to make it!

Class Cancellation Policy
If 0 students are signed up 3 hours prior to class starting time, the class will be canceled, which will be reflected on the schedule. Class signup closes 3 hours before, but if at least one student is signed up for the class, the class will remain on the schedule, and you may still call to sign up. Hybrid classes may be canceled if there is no in-person attendance.

Waitlist Policy
Students may sign up to be on a waitlist if the class is already full. If a student in class cancels before the 6 hour late cancel window,  an email/text will be sent to waitlisted students to show they have been added to the class (based on your account settings). When signing up for the waitlist, please make yourself available to attend class on short-term notice as THE LATE CANCEL/NO SHOW POLICY WILL APPLY TO ANYONE bumped into the class. If a student cancels within the 6 hours, we will do a courtesy call/text/waitlist bump to try to fill the spot. Students who are unable to make it within 6 hours should email/text us as soon as possible; they will not be responsible for any late cancel/no show fees.

Pictures & Video Recording Policy
Students may not record video or take photos during class, with exception to an instructor providing permission. Any choreography from QHF should be properly credited to the instructor/choreographer/class when sharing on social media or any other platforms. Any shared content which misrepresents QHF’s values or services, or which does not give proper credit, will be asked to be taken down. 

Class Attire Policy
To ensure safety and comfort for all participants, activewear such as sports bras, workout pants, and full coverage shorts (covers to the butt crease) are acceptable attire for classes in the dance fitness room. Polewear is acceptable for pole classes in the pole room. No undergarments, nudity, thongs, or g-strings. See FAQs.

Class Equipment Policy
If classes require a yoga mat or knee pads, students should bring their own. Additional equipment, such as pole towels, dumbbells, and resistance bands, will be provided, but students may also bring their own.

Open Pole Policy
Open Pole is a time for students to practice what they’ve learned in class and to work on skill-appropriate moves. As safety is our utmost concern, students who are attempting dangerous moves may be asked to stop participation based on the instructor’s judgment. Students may not teach students as this is a liability concern. Our instructors are there to help you review moves you’ve already learned, but if you are looking for more guidance, ask about private lessons!

Age Policy
Clients must be 18 years of age or older. People ages 16 and 17 may participate in classes with signed permission from their parent/legal guardian. Children under 16 are not allowed at the studio while a client is taking classes.

Refunds & Transfers Policy
All drop-in classes, intro programs, memberships, deposits, and product purchases are nontransferable and nonrefundable. 

Code of Conduct
At Queen of Hearts Fitness, we aim to provide a welcoming and supportive atmosphere for anyone to empower their inner Queen. All clients are expected to uphold the Queen values and abide by the policies as posted on our website. If you are ever in a situation where you feel uncomfortable or you feel our standards are not being adhered to, please reach out to a staff member immediately as it is important for us to listen to our clients’ concerns and do our best to resolve any issues in order to keep our Queen community thriving.

  • Please be respectful to fellow Queens, including mindful awareness of personal space.
  • Please keep an open mind and positive attitude to your Queen community both in and outside of the studio.
  • Please be attentive in class and let the instructor teach; follow their instruction to avoid distractions to other participants.
  • Please keep phones on silent and keep phone/text conversations outside of class.
  • Please do not bring messy/fragrant foods or scents into the studio.
  • Please keep belongings on the provided shelving and off of the main floors.
  • Please wipe down mats, blocks, etc. and neatly return equipment to where it belongs.
  • Please wipe your shoes off on the mats upon entering the studio and remove your street shoes upon entering the pole room.
  • Please do not climb on the truss system in the pole room.

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