Although there’s no place like home, we’ve been clacking our heels in excitement to bring a little of the Queendom magic into your own home! Our live stream classes are a fun way to stay active and stay connected to others in a time when you need it most.

Here’s why you’ll love live virtual classes:

  • For the days you’re feeling less than fabulous, you can still get that workout in
  • “Are you still watching?” Step away from your regular routine and let us help hold you accountable for you health and fitness goals
  • Have a front row seat to learning your favorite dance moves
  • Build meaningful connections with Queens near and far
  • Dance like no one is watching—literally! If you’ve felt shy about taking our “sexier” classes such as Chair Dance, Floor & Flow, or Werk & Twerk, you can now dance your heart out

How to Join us for a Live Virtual Class

Create your Mindbody account and check that you are subscribed to emails with an active email address (if you have ever clicked “unsubscribe,” please email us so we can double check your settings)
Register for class on MindBody at least 1 hour before the scheduled class time
Check for confirmation email a few minutes after registering (check your spam folder)! If you do not receive a confirmation email within a few minutes of registering for the class, please email us as soon as possible to troubleshoot the issue  (if you contact us the same day of the class, we may not be able to resolve in time for that class)!

Download Zoom to your device
Around 60 minutes before class starting time, check your email for your unique link to enter the class (only valid for your entrance).
Click the link to join and follow the prompts! Be sure your name in the chat is the same as on your Mindbody account to be signed in appropriately

What you’ll need to get started in our virtual classroom:
Smart phone, tablet, or computer with internet connection
Cleared out space for you to move
A motivating playlist of your choice (we often share ours too!)

*Video and audio quality are highly dependent on the quality of the device you choose to stream from and the speed of your internet connection. For an enhanced in-home experience, consider connecting your device to a larger screen and speakers. If you wish to play your own music during class, we recommend using a separate device from the one you are streaming class from.

Frequently used equipment (and recommended household substitutes):
Gather your workout equipment before class! We will provide options that do not require equipment, but having any of these items can help you have the best virtual class!
Folding chair (household chair, preferably with no arm rests)
A set of light, medium, and heavy weights (or creative substitutes such as water bottles, canned goods, luggage, etc.)
Yoga strap (long sleeve shirt, belt, pet leash)
Blocks (a few books about 4-6 inches high)
Peanut (two tennis balls tied together in a sock)
Small stability ball (rolled up pillow)
Sliders (paper plate on carpet, hand towel on hard floor)
Knee pads (you will probably just want to invest in a pair of these!)
Resistance bands/circle bands (maybe invest in these too)

*To take our live stream pole classes, students must have previous pole experience and have a home pole.

Virtual Classroom Policies & Etiquette

  • Arrive early to get set up! Similar to our in-studio class policy, if you are more than 5 minutes late, you will not be admitted to the classroom.
  • Sign up window closes 1 hour before class time. Late cancel/no show policy will also apply at 1 hour (review policy here)
  • Each person participating in the class should be registered in Mindbody.
  • Be sure your microphone is muted after you enter the room. If the volume sounds low on a phone/tablet after you’ve turned your volume up, try tapping the sound button in the top left corner of the app.
  • Feel free to turn on your video for a more engaging experience (“share video” in the bottom menu bar). The instructor will then be able to help you more with form and technique! If your video will be turned on, please follow the same in-studio class attire guidelines (review policy here).
  • If it is your first time trying a class format, let the instructor know in the chat!
  • If you have a question throughout class, turn on your mic to talk, type in the chat, wave your arms around in your video, or click “raise hand” to get the instructor’s attention.
  • As some music and content may bring you in touch with your sexier side, please make sure you are comfortable in your surroundings.
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