• Work It Out Classes

Our Work It Out classes are a motivating and exciting way to begin your fitness journey or to supplement your pole classes with dance cardio, strength, and flexibility. Our knowledgeable instructors will guide you through an exhilarating experience as they encourage and support each student with proper form, easy-to-advanced modifications, multiple variations, and positive feedback. Depending on your individual goals, trying out a mix of these classes can help you find the perfect fitness regimen. If you need help deciding what to try to first, you can always contact us!
  • Booty Ballet
    Using a dynamic fusion of ballet-inspired conditioning and dance movement patterns, you’ll increase muscular endurance with a full-body workout. The exercises in this class use light resistance to strengthen the core, sculpt the booty and legs, and tone up the arms and shoulders so you’ll leave feeling taller, leaner, and ready to come back for more!

    *Please bring a yoga mat.

  • Core & More
    30 minutes is all you need! These exercises will help you feel stronger as well as improve your posture throughout the day. Expect to challenge your deep core in new ways while you work abdominals, obliques, low back, and some extra glutes! Pair this with one of our cardio classes, and your core will be tighter and leaner in no time.
  • Fit & Flexy
    Fit & Flexy uses a range of dynamic and active stretches and exercises to safely and effectively improve strength, flexibility, and overall mobility. Muscular control in stretching is essential for long-term success and continued improvement, and our instructors will guide you through ensuring proper technique. Each class will have stretches and exercises guided by a focus of either front splits, middle splits, or backbends (but this does NOT mean you have to do a split!). These proven techniques will help anyone push past their flexibility limits and move more freely throughout the day!

    *Please bring a yoga mat.

  • Werk & Twerk
    Whether you’re new to twerking or a seasoned twerker, let’s get it poppin’! We’ll start with a warm up that includes basic twerk drills, then progress into easy-to-follow dance cardio routines. These routines use twerk-inspired moves paired with plyometric and aerobic exercises for a calorie-torching workout. As this class can be high-intensity, be sure to dance at an energy level that is comfortable for YOU, and most importantly, shake your booty and have fun!

Learn About Our Pole Classes

Pole classes are our specialty, and the many benefits of pole reach far beyond just an amazing workout! No experience or coordination is required to give it a go, so if you’re ready for a life-changing activity, try our 4-Week New Client  Intro Program!

New Client Intro Program

To get started, new clients begin with our 4-Week Intro Program, which is an all-inclusive dance fitness experience that teaches the essential elements of our pole curriculum and class programs.

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