High Heels Intensive Workshop

Do want to feel stable walking in heels and make sure you never roll your ankle again? Or maybe you feel comfortable in heels and want to learn a dance routine in them? If so, this High Heels Intensive Workshop is for you!

Learn to strut your stuff in your hottest heels and work the dance floor with a fun, sexy routine. Emily has years of dance experience in high heels through teaching chair dance and pole and has mastered the art of working the floor in heels.

Walking in heels isn’t just one foot in front of the other; it involves transferring your center of gravity, engaging your core, and counterbalancing your lower body with your torso, all while maintaining a steady base. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you’ll see that heels are a great addition to any outfit or outing, dancing or not! Emily has worked with dancers and nondancers and has a unique way of breaking down each move so that anyone can understand and feel more comfortable moving in their heels!

We will be learning a full routine, so feel free to dress it up and wear a fun outfit that makes you feel sexy. Low/no platform heels are best; thicker heels might feel more stable if you’re not used to moving in heels. Don’t forget your water!

No experience necessary! Sign up now for this 2-hour workshop and experience a fun challenge and a great workout!

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$20 members
$25 non members
*no refunds

Check out Emily workin’ her heels!!