Apps to Assist in Your Fitness Journey

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Apps to Assist in Your Fitness Journey

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Everyone is on a different fitness journey. However, no matter what your goals are, we could always use some help! Here are a few awesome apps to try out this month!


Get Moving!


Yoga Wake Up

yoga wake up

This is a free app, but in order to access all the “wakeups,” you need to have a payed subscription. The app takes you through a yoga sequence and gets you moving first thing in the morning. It allows you to select if you are a newbie or a yogi, and even better than that, if you want to stretch in bed or get out of bed! Each wakeup is themed, from dance party to a gentle flow, from a three-minute yoga session to sixteen-minute stretch for your spine. If this short yoga wakeup isn’t enough for you, join us for yoga every Saturday at 10:45am!

Tabata Timer

tabata pro

This is a useful tool to achieve a great tabata workout. A traditional tabata lasts four minutes and involves doing twenty seconds of high intensity movements followed by ten seconds of rest. This app, however, allows you to adjust the time for which you work and rest for, as well as add prep time prior to the tabata starting. It is perfect for any of your interval needs (and it is completely free)! If you need some extra motivation for tabatas, come join us for HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) Mondays at 7:15pm and Wednesdays at 8:15pm.



Eat Effortlessly! 


My Fitness Pal

Trying to keep track of your nutrition? This free app is ideal for recording all your meals throughout the day. It allows you to easily document your daily calories, your exercise, and even the amount of water you drink! There is never a struggle to record your meals as they have over five million foods in their database.


While Pinterest is a beloved website for DIY-ers everywhere, it is the perfect place to turn to if you want to spice up your meals. You can use it as a website or a free phone app. There is no shortage of healthy, free recipes.



Rock it out!


Spotify Running

Spotify Running is one of the newest services offered on Spotify. Search running on Spotify and choose the running genre. Select the type of run (morning run, power run, your personal running mix), and then start exercising. Spotify will detect your steps per minute and match it up with the tempo of your songs! Spotify is free, but you can upgrade to take advantage of its full range of services with a $9.99/month subscription (or if you are a student, a $4.99/month subscription).

Fit Radio

If you enjoy engaging in different types of workouts, try out Fit Radio. There are thousands of mixes to pick from. You can choose a mix based on preferred genre, DJ, activity or beats per minute (BPM). The app has a subscription fee of $2.99/month, but there is a free trial offer of three hours of premium listening time.



With Pandora, you can enter your desired beats per minute (BPM) in the app’s search bar and find stations with the perfect tempo for your workout. While the app is free, if you want to avoid advertisements and use all of its services, you will need to purchase a monthly subscription.


Feel Good!


Ambio and Relax Melodies


Both of these apps are ideal for falling asleep to relaxing noises. Ambio is a free app for Androids that allows you to choose from hundreds of sounds to create the perfect sleeping playlist. They offer a variety of sounds such as white noise, rain, and even a cat’s purr. If you do not have an Android, Relax Melodies is an excellent alternative. With this free app for iOS devices, you can create your own melody using an assortment of layered sounds, from piano and lounge melodies to natural noises of rivers, wind and ocean waves. You can even set times for when to exit the app so it does not run all night. Guided meditations are also available!

Shine Text

shine text


Shine text is a free service for receiving daily motivational texts or Facebook messages on a variety of topics, from living your life with intention to remembering to prioritize yourself. The short texts come with a link to their website, which you can click to hear more about the text of the day.



Buddhify is a mindfulness and meditation app for a one-time $4.99 fee. The app boasts over eighty meditations. When you open the app, you can choose a meditation based on your current activity, time of day, or emotion. Some examples include “work break,” “can’t sleep,” “feeling stressed,” “just meditation,” and more. You can also integrate your meditation minutes with your phone’s health kit.

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