Shoulder/Wrist Conditioning Workshop for Injury Prevention

Do you ever feel like your wrists are weak or overworked, or your shoulder was tweaked the wrong way? Many of these injuries happen when our muscles aren’t properly conditioned, and if you’ve experienced any of these pains, you know it isn’t a good feeling! In this workshop, you will learn a comprehensive set of exercises and stretches to help ensure the safety and support of your wrists and shoulders. With regular conditioning, you will notice added strength, stability, and range of motion. If you participate in any activities such as pole fitness, handstands, and other body weight workouts, this workshop is a MUST! All levels are welcomed to take this workshop. Please bring water and a mat.


$20 Members
$25 Non Members
*No refunds.

About the instructor, Anna:
Anna become a yoga teacher in 2012 and has expanded to teach barre, pilates, and pole fitness, gaining experience, certifications and a degree in exercise physiology while working towards a career in physical therapy. Anna currently works as a physical therapy technician in a clinic specializing in injuries from the shoulder to the finger. She believes anything is possible when maintaining a strong foundation of safe and effective training and that the key to success in fitness is variety. With over 2000 hours of teaching experience, she knows how to communicate effectively and keep you engaged!