Face Covering Required

Our decision to require everyone to wear masks in class is based on the current evidence that with all individuals wearing masks in a community setting, the risk of infection is largely reduced (1).

Since Sars-CoV-2 spreads through the droplets we breathe out, masks are most effective when everyone one wears a mask (2).

As demonstrated in the video below of an experiment using light and smoke, droplets can travel quite the distance, and wearing masks will help keep our droplets to ourselves (3)! “Remember, the use of a mask is to protect other people [fellow Queens!], not you⁠.”

Doctors have indicated that working out in masks is generally safe. Below you will find a couple articles with tips, and interviews with doctors on working out in a mask (4,5). Think of it as high altitude training—climb that pole!

Below is a link to the CDC guide on proper mask use and removal (6). When taking a water break, please not to directly face anyone. Carefully remove one ear loop (hold mask up by this loop) to take a drink of water, then replace ear loop, being careful to not touch the front of your mask. We highly advise using hand sanitizer before and after taking a drink of water, as advised by the CDC (keep a mini sanitizer near by!).

While we understand it might be slightly uncomfortable to dance in a mask, we must do the best we can to keep our space safe for everyone who enters.

For those who would prefer not to wear a mask, we will still be offering live stream classes along with private lessons/one-on-one sessions that could offer more flexibility. Call or email us to learn more!

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