Full Body Gliding Disc Workout

Have you had a busy week and can’t make it to Queen of Hearts Fitness for your favorite class? Or maybe you are out of town for a few days but don’t want to lose all the headway you’ve been making with your health? Our lovely instructor, Anna, has come up with a workout you can do no matter where you are. All you need are gliding discs. If you do not have those at home, small hand towels or paper plates will also work. Do each move eight times. When you are finished, try doing the whole circuit two to three more times.


Move Number 1: Pike/ Knee Tuck
Start from a basic plank position with a disc below each foot. Slowly begin by bringing your feet in closer to you and lifting your hips to the sky, keeping your legs straight. Afterwards, slide your legs back into the original plank position. If you would prefer an easier modification, you can do a knee tuck. Rather than keeping your legs straight, slide your legs under your body, so you end up in a crouching position. Both of these moves target your abdominal muscles, so don’t forget to keep your core engaged throughout the movement.


Move Number 2: Side Lunge
Place the discs under your feet. Begin by squatting down with your right leg, while, at the same time, sliding out your left foot. Don’t forget to keep your left leg straight. Then, slide your left leg back in as you stand up.

Move Number 3: Assisted Sliding One-Arm Pushups
Start from a kneeling pushup up position with the discs under your hands. Slide your right hand to the front right corner, keeping that right elbow straight. At the same time, bend the opposite elbow and lower down into a pushup position. Come back up and repeat the move with your left hand.

Move Number 4: Gilder Ham Curl
Start in a glute bridge with both of your feet on discs. Slide your feet away from your body. Keep in mind that the farther out you go, the more difficult the move will become. Pull your feet back in towards your body while engaging your hamstrings. Keep your hips lifted throughout the entire movement by squeezing your glutes.