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Tasty Treats: 5 Minute Banana Ice Cream

Tasty Treats: 5 Minute Banana Ice Cream  Uncategorized •  Comments (0) Are you a fan of ice cream but would like a healthy alternative? Then try out this easy five minute recipe! Cooking time: 5 minutes Yields: 1 cup Utensils Required: Knife Cutting board Blender Plastic bags Ingredients: Two ripe Bananas (ideally yellow with brown spots, no […]

How To Do the Perfect Push-Up

Push-ups are a great toning exercise for both your core and upper body. However, it is an exercise people often struggle with. Having the correct form is the key to getting the most out of your push-up. Try these tips today! Everything in Alignment When completing a push-up, your entire body should be in alignment. […]

Apps to Assist in Your Fitness Journey

Apps to Assist in Your Fitness Journey  Fitness, Uncategorized •  Comments (0) Everyone is on a different fitness journey. However, no matter what your goals are, we could always use some help! Here are a few awesome apps to try out this month!   Get Moving!   Yoga Wake Up This is a free app, but in order […]

Instructor Spotlight: Kimiyo Karosas

Instructor Spotlight: Kimiyo Karosas  Instructor Spotlight, Uncategorized •  Comments (0) Have you met our instructor Kimiyo? She is a 200 hour RYT, registered yoga teacher. She teaches Yoga Sculpt every Wednesday at 5:15pm, but is often spotted substituting Fit & Flexy and yoga classes. Kimiyo loves teaching Yoga Sculpt because it allows her to combine an engaging workout […]

Full Body Gliding Disc Workout

Have you had a busy week and can’t make it to Queen of Hearts Fitness for your favorite class? Or maybe you are out of town for a few days but don’t want to lose all the headway you’ve been making with your health? Our lovely instructor, Anna, has come up with a workout you […]