Flexibility Workshops 5/7/16

Join us for beginner/intermediate and advanced flexibility workshops on Saturday, May 7th! Early bird pricing is $40 per two-hour workshop. Prices will increase as the date gets closer, and spaces are limited, so reserve your spot today by going to our Mindbody link listed below, and clicking “workshops” at the top!


Jess Roya is an international circus performer, showgirl, coach and choreographer from Tallahassee, Florida. She has traveled across the U.S. and to South America performing trapeze and fabric. More recently, she coached aerial acrobatics and contortion for Pendulum Aerial Arts’ professional training program in Portland, Oregon. At Pendulum, Jess learned proper skill execution and spotting techniques under the world famous, Mongolian contortionist, Tsenge Byambadorj. She is passionate about coaching flexibility to people of all ages and levels!

Beginner/Intermediate 2-4PM *open to anyone*
This workshop is perfect for getting those stubborn last few inches in the splits, increasing range of movement in the spine, or just learning the basics of bendiness! Strength and technique are key components in increasing your flexibility as well as preventing injury. In this two hour workshop you will learn a safe, yet effective warm-up routine, stretching and strengthening techniques used by traditional Mongolian contortionists, fun partner stretching with your classmates, and how to properly cool down. Also included in this workshop is a take-home sheet with a conditioning routine to use in your own practice at the gym or at home!

Advanced 5-7PM Do you already have your splits and can hold a bridge? Are you interested in going further with your flexibility? If so, advanced flex is for you! In this 2 hour workshop you will learn safe and effective practice strategies to achieve active over-splits, open tight shoulders, enter and exit new contorting poses, stretch with partners, and even to perform a couple duo (partner stacking) tricks! We will be using traditional Mongolian contortion techniques and basic ballet fundamentals. Also included is a take-home conditioning sheet for you to use in your own practice at the gym or at home!
*requirements include having a full split and being able to comfortably hold a bridge/back bend for 10 seconds*

Please wear warm clothes (pants, legwarmers, jackets) and bring water and a yoga mat!

2015 Queens of the Months

Thank you to all these beautiful Queens who have made our studio a more positive and encouraging environment throughout the past year! Where ever life takes you, always remember to wear your crown!

2015 Queens
(Click to enlarge)

December, 2015: Angela Russo
Angela is a year old Clinical Lab Scientist. Angela had a difficult time deciding on one favorite class because she loves everything from the full body toning/cardio in Circuit Challenge and Tone Down for What, to the self-love and dance of NIA, to the stretching and flexibility training of Fit and Flexy, and the many the different dance party workouts! Angela also said “Even though I’m fairly new to the pole classes, I can already tell I’m going to fall in love with this new workout!” “My favorite thing about being a Queen is really the sense of community at the studio. Honestly, I never looked forward to working out. I’ve tried gyms, running, at home workouts, and never could stick with them. Since I’ve been in Tally, I’ve worked out more in the past 6 months than I have in a long time. I’ve met some absolutely wonderful ladies, with so much positive energy, and that keeps me coming back as well. Joining Queens was the best decision I made for my short stay here!”

October, 2015: Shavaughn Robinson
Shavaughn works as an Accounting and Procurement Associate at FAMU-FSU College of Engineering, and her favorite class is NIA Dance. Shavaughn says that her favorite thing about being a queen is “Being able to take a wide arrangement of fun classes within a great atmosphere with great people. Working out while being a Queen always feels like being in a giant party!”

September, 2015: Jessie
Jessie is an Attorney, and her favorite classes at Queen of Hearts: “ALL THE CLASSES. But if I have to pick, I like the pole classes and anything that involves twerking.”
Her Favorite thing about being a Queen: “DA CROWN. Just kidding, I love the sense of community at QOH and being surrounded by strong, beautiful women who are always encouraging me to be a better person in every part of my life.”

August, 2015: Desiree
Desiree is a Music Teacher, and her favorite class at Queen of Hearts Fitness is Pole Level 5.
Her favorite part about being a queen is the community involvement and support system of empowered confident women who are just outright good people. As well as changing the stigma surrounding pole dance.

May, 2015: Geri Hall
Geri is a Registered Nurse and has worked as an RN for the past 12 years. She is currently an Endoscopy Nurse.
Favorite Class at Queen of Hearts: I cannot pick between Pole & NIA classes. Both allow me to express my true self (child-like at heart but a sexy woman), both forces me to let go of the daily anxiety, and both are crazy FUN.
Favorite thing about being a Queen: Finally embracing that sexiness is not a size 2 or 22 but sexiness is cultivated through loving the skin you live in while maintaining a consistent exercise regimen. This is the first time in my life that I have attend a gym 2-3 times weekly on a consecutive basis for more than 6 weeks. I love Queen of Hearts.

April, 2015: Brittany
Brittany is a graduate student pursuing her PhD in molecular and cellular biology at FSU.
Her favorite classes to take at Queen of Hearts are the pole fitness classes.
Her favorite thing about being a queen is the community here at Queen of Hearts and staying in shape.

March, 2015: Brianna Barnebee
Brianna is a Public Relations Account Manager.
Her favorite class is Chair Dance.
“I love being a Queen because I love performing, dancing and working out along-side women who are powerful & positive, sweet & sassy and fun & fierce!”

February, 2015: Samantha Porche
Samantha is an Attorney. Her favorite class as Queen of Hearts is Zumba Twerk.
Samantha’s favorite thing about being a Queen is: “Being able to enjoy going to the gym and not mind that I spend all of my time there. And for the first time in my life having friends that are girls!”

January, 2015: Lydia Cohen
Lydia has her MBA and works in Management.
She is currently in Level 4 pole, and enjoys a variety of our main room classes as well.
This is what Lydia has to say about being a Queen:
“My favorite thing about being a Queen is knowing that even on my worst day I can still give it my best. No matter the situation or circumstance Queen of Hearts allows me the freedom to toss aside my worries and woes and be a sophisticated, classy, and sexy queen. I’m able to get fit and be free all in one place. I’ve enhanced my grace, strength, and endurance through Queen of Hearts. I can be beauty and beast all wrapped up in one.”